Au pairs

Are you between 18 and 31 years old and do you want to go abroad to work with the children of a host family? If you live in the Netherlands, you can travel abroad as an au pair through a BONAPA agency. Our members offer au pair programs in EU countries, but also in the US, Australia and even South-Africa.


Choose an agency that fits you. By clicking the names of our members you can learn more about them and make the right choice for you.

The BONAPA affiliated au pair agency will help you:

  • Build your personal file
  • collect the required documents
  • choose the right host family for you
  • take out the proper insurance

By choosing a BONAPA affiliated agency you are ensured of a bureau that will help you have the best possible experience abroad.

For au pairs that want to come to the Netherlands

For au pairs that want to come to the Netherlands (voor Au pairs die naar Nederland willen komen)
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What can BONAPA do for you when you want to come to Holland as an au pair?

Most of the time a BONAPA agency will not directly help you find a host family in the Netherlands. They can however refer you to a known and screened partner in your own country.

The Dutch au pair program is well organized and subject to strict rules. Be sure to choose an agency in your own country that collaborates with a BONAPA agency. If you don’t, chances are you will end up paying a lot of money and getting little in return. There is a possibility you will have to face it alone when your host family decides they want to part ways with you.

Use this website to find a BONAPA affiliated agency with a reliable partner in your own country.