Host Families

The choice for an au pair is often a well-considered one. Trust, professionalism and reliability are very important. After all it concerns your children, family and home.


Our strict selection procedure ensures we represent only the best Dutch au pair agencies. We employ professionals that specialize in Asia, South America, South Africa, the EU and the new worlds. BONAPA consists of both very large and smaller agencies. All of our members strive for professionalism, knowledge and capability.

Choose wisely

More than twenty agencies are active in the au pair field in our country at the moment. Not every agency offers the same experience, knowledge, expertise and ability as the members of BONAPA. We advise you to inform yourself well before making any important decisions. BONAPA will gladly be of service.

Choose your reliable BONAPA partner

When choosing a BONAPA partner you ensure yourself of an agency that:

  • works within clear rules
  • has approved terms and conditions
  • has a clear and transparent pricing policy
  • has a good and clear website
  • is well accessible
  • subscribes to the BONAPA code of conduct
  • is professional
  • has knowledge of rules and regulations
  • has an affiliation with the Dutch immigration services IND

All of this makes the BONAPA agency a very reliable partner.

How does an agency become a BONAPA member?

Membership of BONAPA is invitation only, and not every agency receives an invitation. The agency will have to go through a rigorous selection procedure. BONAPA monitors the adherence to the code of conduct and will enforce it if necessary. You as a host family have the possibility of asking BONAPA to mediate in a conflict situation, should you have chosen a BONAPA agency.


Read the guidelines for host families and au pairs here.