The trade organization for Dutch au pair agencies BONAPA was founded in 2012. Together with our members we represent 70% of the Dutch au pair market. Beside our members we work for and together with a number of related organizations, such as insurance companies, language institutes and intermediaries.

Our goal

BONAPA looks after the common interests of its members. We also defend the collective and individual interests of the au pairs affiliated with our members, the host families and external (foreign) collaborating organizations. Quality and professionalism.

A BONAPA au pair agency: reliable and professional

Our members submit to the codes of conduct of BONAPA. An agency can only join with a proven track record of expertise, motivation, experience and professionalism. All agencies that work with non-EU au pairs are affiliated to the Dutch immigration services (IND) and aware of visa obligations and current rules and legislation. We demand high standards of our members to ensure you are dealing with reliable partners and au pairs.

Quality and professionalism

BONAPA furthers the quality and professionalism of the au pair sector by use of:

  • general terms and conditions
  • a code of conduct
  • a transparent complaints policy
  • deliberation and negotiation with organizations and people of importance to the au pair sector
  • information and advice to its members regarding relevant rules and legislation